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FAQ's - About St. Croix 

Do I need a passport to visit?

Nope! You don’t need a passport to visit St. Croix. We are apart of the United States

and we’re considered a U.S. Territory. So no passport…no problem!

How do we get to St. Croix?

You can get to St. Croix very easily! Several major airlines fly into the Henry E. Rohlsen

Airport. You can also use smaller inter-island flight options as well. If you’re arriving via

cruise ship, the ship docks in the heart of frederiksted town at the Ann E. Abramson Pier.

Where are the best beaches?

St. Croix is surrounded by beautiful water so finding the best beaches are always easy. Some

of the popular beaches in frederiksted are Dorshe and Rainbow beach. In Christiansted, you can

take a short ferry ride over to hotel on the cay and if you venture deeper, Chenay Bay is always a

great idea. You can pretty much drive to most shorelines and discover beautiful waters.

Where are some great spots to eat?

St. Croix is known for its mouth-watering cuisines! From east to west you can find amazing food!

Some of he islands popular spots include La Rein Chicken Shack, Bon Majer, and we highly

recommend Vegetarian Creation (340-773-4772), a locally owned veggie restaurant that will satisfy

your taste buds and leave you feeling “FULL filled”.  

What are some great tourist attractions?

St. Croix is filled with rich history and culture. Our guests enjoy learning about our heritage by visiting our historic sites, Fort Frederik (located in Frederiksted) & Fort Christiansvaern (located in Christiansted). Other popular sites include, visiting the Crucian Rum Distillery, Saint George Botanical Garden and the Eastern most part of the United States, Point Udall. If you're a nature lover, you can enjoy a hike to our natural tide pool or the lighthouse at Ham's Bluff.  

When is Carnival?

Our carnival is such an amazing time filled with food, drinks and music! According to the USVI Law, the St. Croix Festival/Carnival parades must be held on the 1stFriday and Saturday of the New Year. Count backwards 10 days from the Adults Parade and that will be the date that our Festival/Carnival Village opens consisting of musical entertainment every night, food, drinks, games & rides! It’s an experience of Pageantry, Music, Excitement, Culture and Tradition!

When is the best time to travel to St. Croix?

The Best time to visit St. Croix is based on your preference and the experience you want to have. According to travel news, the best time to travel is between April & June, when you can experience mild weather and very little rainfall. Our peak season is from December to March. Hurricane Season is from June through November with September usually being the most active month. Overall, St. Croix is summertime year round! Anytime is always a great time and we look forward to seeing you!


Fun Fact: There are about 200 Sugar Mills on St. Croix in various states of preservation. It is believed that the island has more Sugar Mills than practically any other Caribbean Island. The pictured Sugar Mills are located in Old Castle Coakley, Christiansted.

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