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Terms & Conditions


*Please Note: Submitting your reservation is an INQUIRY. A representative will give you a call to CONFIRM whether or not the reservation is approved based on vehicle availability. 

Rental Requirements:

  • All renters must have a valid driver’s license.

  • Renters must be 25+

  • Renters are required to take our insurance if they do not provide one of their own

  • Credit Cards:
    • The name on the card MUST match the renter’s driver’s license.

    • Major Credit Card hold is $500 in addition to cost of the rental. 

    • Twin City Car Rental Accepts ALL Major Credit Cards (Including American Express)

  • Debit Cards: ​
    • The name on the card MUST match the renter’s driver’s license.

    • Twin City Car Rental accepts Debit Cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo. Renters with debit cards must own a vehicle and the vehicle(s) insurance declaration page has to be emailed to Twin City Car Rental prior to the rental.

    • Debit Card holder MUST accept loss damage waiver 

    • Minimum hold on debit card is $1,000 in addition to the cost of the rental. 

    • Note: Using a Debit Card will ONLY allow you to rent a vehicle for up to one week (7 days).

Renter's Responsibility:

The Renter is 100% responsible for the vehicle while in their possession. From the moment the vehicle is retrieved by the renter up until it is returned. The renter is responsible for the following:

  • All damages to your rental vehicle

  • All parking fines, tickets and/or violation(s)

  • Flat or damaged tires

  • Lost/Damaged keys

  • Removal of trash inside of your rental vehicle upon return


TCCR Insurance Coverage:

  • It is mandatory to take our insurance if the Renter does not have their own vehicle insurance. 

  • Our fee vary depending on the vehicle. 

  • If damages are under $500, the renter is responsible for paying the damages out of pocket.

  • If damages are over $500, the renter is responsible for paying the deductible.

    • Please Note: The deductible can range from $1,000 and up, depending on the severity of the damage(s).​

  • Renter assumes all liability for all damages to the vehicle and all claims against the owner(s) not covered by this insurance.

  • Renter is responsible for all damages and injuries resulting from the additional driver(s) negligence.

Personal Insurance: 

  • If the renter is using their own insurance, they must provide TCCR with an unexpired copy of their insurance documentation. 

    • Document must have the name of the renter, policy number and must cover the ​time period the vehicle will be rented. 

• Please contact your insurance agent to verify you are covered to drive in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

• U.S. Virgin Islands law requires that all drivers are insured and have proof of insurance available when needed.

  • When using insurance coverage through your credit card you may be required to pay for your entire rental cost using the same credit card, in order to be covered.

    • You will be required to call your credit card provider and request a letter containing the insurance policy information. ​

Rental Return Policy:

  • The Renter (Name on your Rental Agreement) should be the one returning the rental vehicle.

  • Renters are expected to return the vehicle the same time it was picked up. We allot a one hour grace period.

  • A $25 per hour fee will be applied after the one hour grace period.

  • After 2 hours, you will be charged for a FULL day.

    • Example: If you pick up your rental at 1pm and return it at 5pm you will be charged for an extra day. 

  • Your rental vehicle(s) will be inspected by a TCCR representative.

Airport Return Policy:

  • You must notify one of our representatives to confirm the time the vehicle was dropped off to airport location. 

  • Vehicles that are returned to our airport location will be inspected within a 24 hour timeframe. You will be responsible for any damages found that was not noted on your vehicle diagram or corresponded by you via text upon your rental pick up. 

Inspection In Your Absence:

  • Upon arrival to the airport, you will receive a text message with the location of your vehicle and photos of all damages prior to you renting. You are advised to do your own assessment and send us back photos of damages we may have missed. 

  • Please Note: Any damages that were not communicated will result in the renter being held accountable.

Hidden Damages:

  • Some charges can’t be finally determined upon return.  We may later identify major damages and/or fines relating to your rental agreement. We will notify you of any such charges and arrange for payment when these are identified.

  • Some damage will not be apparent on post-rental inspection, such as damage caused to inaccessible parts of the vehicle (e.g. the engine, fuel tank, etc) or hidden by adverse light or weather conditions. If we find any such damage we will notify you, with evidence, before we charge you.

  • We aim to complete this within 24 hours of the end of your rental.



  • You will receive your rental with a full tank of fuel.

  • Your rental vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel received upon pickup.

  • Failure to do so, there will be a refueling charge of $25.00 plus the cost of the amount of fuel needed.

Tickets, Fines and/or Violations:

  • Please declare all tickets, fines and violations when returning your vehicle and please provide a photo of the document.

  • You are responsible for all fines, including parking fines, tickets/violations incurred in relation to your rental vehicle during your rental period.

  • If a ticket/fine or violation was not declared to us upon return of your rental, we will process these on your behalf, which we will pay and recover from you by way of reimbursement and add a processing charge. Alternatively, we may be required to provide your details to the relevant authority, who may contact you directly.

Processing charge is for our time and costs we incur in dealing with any matter(s) pertaining for the rental vehicle you rented during your rental period.

Roadside Assistance:

  • If you need roadside assistance, we advise that you contact us FIRST. We will then reach out to a third party service and have them come to you. The renter is responsible for the roadside assistance fee which may include but is not limited to flat tires, running out of fuel, dead battery and/or keys locked in the vehicle.

If you experience any problem with the vehicle due to mechanical failure please give us a call 

*Please note that you must not allow anyone to service or repair the vehicle*


In the unfortunate case of an accident, Please call 911 first then call TCCR Immediately at 340-514-4136 or 340-690-5043. Please do not leave the scene of the accident without the following:

  • Please File a Police Report

  • The officer(s) will give you a card containing the police report number

  • Please obtain the other driver insurance information (This is very important)

Travel Delay(s):

You are required to inform us of any delay(s) in your travel, to avoid cancellation. Failure to do so and having your Rental Request/Reservation/Rental Agreement canceled will be considered as a No Show and we will retain 100% of the rental amount.

No Show Policy:

In the event of a no show by a customer, we will retain 100% of the rental amount.

Early Return:

We will not issue a refund or credit if you return your rental vehicle earlier than the time it was received.


  • Cancellation is required 48 hours in advance. If not, you will be charged for one day rental. 

  • If the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours, you will be charged half of the reservation amount

    • Example: If your reservation is a total of $500 and you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged $250.​

  • If the renter does not cancel the reservation prior to the time of pick-up and the vehicle is not picked up on the rental date, the entire amount will be forfeited.

No Smoking:

Twin City Car Rental has a NO SMOKING policy. In order to maintain our vehicles, we ask that customers do not smoke while inside. We charge an additional $400 cleaning fee for any vehicles that smell like smoke. In order to avoid this additional charge, please refrain from smoking in the vehicles. (Smoke-Free Act, No. 7171)

Additional Fees: 

  • Service Charge 3%

  • Surcharge 8% 

  • Key Replacement $500

  • Cleaning Fee (If Necessary): Excessively Dirty Vehicles are subject to a $400.00 Charge. 

    • Dirt, Mud, Sand, Dog/Cat Hair, Sun Screen Lotion, Smoke Scented Vehicle(s), Wet seats are examples for an additional cleaning fee charge. 


The Village Mall

113 Barren Spot Mall Suite M3

Kingshill, VI 00850

* 9 Minute Drive from Henry E. Rohlsen Airport

*18 Minute Drive from Christiansted Harbor SeaPlane Base


You are also responsible for knowing/educating your self about the rules of the road and the Virgin Islands laws prior to renting a vehicle with LCR. Most importantly KEEP LEFT!

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